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Z-POWER 0.5W LED series P9 and P3 side emitter

Seoul Semiconductor (SSC), the leading provider of various LED packages, has introduced the two new Z-POWER LED series: the P9 0.5W emitter and the P3 side emitter.

In today's market, there have been only 2 categories of LEDs; (1) high brightness and high cost, and (2) low brightness and low cost. The P9 was designed to fill the gap between those two categories by providing a cost effective, optimal brightness LED source. The P9 is designed exactly to meet customer needs. The P9 series appeals to customers requiring products where cost and power consumption are much less than 1W power LEDs, and where brightness exceeds any conventional lamp LEDs. Also, the P9 series is reflow solderable while other lamp LEDs are not available for SMD.

The P9 series has two kinds of built-in optics: narrow beam, which is good for torch applications, and wide beam, which is good for channel lighting. This is compatible with secondary optic suppliers (It's available for various viewing angles of collimators). So, it can make various styles of lighting with the lenses of different viewing angles.

This series, the P9 can be applied to torch, reading lighting, automotive lighting, mobile phone flash, channel lighting and almost all other applications. It will be mass produced from the end of July. If you use LEDs ( or wish to use LEDs) and are not satisfied with your current source because of one of the reasons below, the P-9 will be your best alternative:

  • Use high-current PLCC housing, but need more light and are not satisfied with efficiency
  • Use high-current through hole type, but need more brightness and want to change it to SMD version
  • Use high-power LEDs, but difficult to control heat and the cooling system is too expensive for your market, and the space is too limited for cooling system
  • Use high-power LEDs, but high power consumption is a problem

The 0.5W P9 Z-POWER LED features:

  • Reflow Solderability (SMD Type)
  • Excellent Thermal Radiation
  • Built-in Lenses available with narrow and wide beam and can be customized
  • Compatible with Secondary Optics
  • Compatible with FR4 PCB
  • Compact Size
  • Cost Effective
  • Optimal Brightness and High Luminous Efficiency

P3 side emitter with wide viewing angle SSC has unveiled another new product, the P3 side emitter optimized for channel lighting, which has a wide viewing angle, enough to eliminate the white spot problem. It is thinner than other companies' counterpart products. Therefore, it's easy to install to the low-high channel lighting application. It can be also applied to back lighting for sign board, and wall lighting.

The P3 side emitter features:

  • Compatible with Secondary Optics
  • No white spot problem
  • Slim size (max. 4mm height)
  • Reflow Solderability
  • SMD Type

The detailed information: http://www.zled.com   www.seoulsemicon.com

  At IF=150mA, TA=25C
Color Luminous Flux CCT CRI VF[V] Viewing Angle Download
[lm] [K] Min Typ Max 2 O 1/2()
Cold white 25 6500 70 3.0 3.5 3.8 140
Warm white 15 3000 80 3.0 3.5 3.8 140