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   11-09-08 Decorative illumination of a ceiling
   08-02-07 Company Fush SIA is the official representative of the Korean manufacturer of company Seoul Semiconductor Co., ltd
The agreement enables to represent interests of the Seoul Semiconductor Co. in the Baltics
   08-02-07 The highest luminous flux Z-Power LED P4 series
Seoul Semiconductor Co. has released a single-die white source that can emit up to 240 lm at its maximum drive current of 1 A. The new Z-Power LED P4 emitter is also claimed to offer the world's highest luminous efficacy, coming at 100 lm/W at the 350 mA at the 350 mA drive current that is required for general illumination applications
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   25-01-07 AC current semiconductor lighting source
Acriche series by Seoul Semiconductor is designed for AC current based operation. Anyway can easily use acriche for their AC-current lighting applications.
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   25-01-07 Z-Power LED P3 Series 1.0W and 2.5W by Seoul Semiconductor
The P3 Z-Power series of high-power LED packages, which includes a package containing eight high-power red, green, blue, white, warm white, amber, cyan, and royal blue chips.
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   25-01-07 Seoul Semiconductor (SSC), the leading provider of various LED packages, has introduced the two new 0,5W Z-POWER LED series
The P9 is designed exactly to meet customer needs. The P9 series appeals to customers requiring products where cost and power consumption are much less than 1W power LEDs, and where brightness exceeds any conventional lamp LEDs. Also, the P9 series is reflow solderable while other lamp LEDs are not available for SMD.
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   12-01-07 Flexible light rope
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   06.02.2006   Waterproof DC power supplies
Company Fush offers the high-quality DC power supplies intended for use in the outdoor advertising based on light-emitting diodes.
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   20.10.2005   LED Strips manufactured by Fush company
Company Fush starts to manufacture LED-strips for the illumination of signs and light boxes, dimensonal letters, design elements of ineterior.
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   10.10.2005   Controllers MIKRO-81/81F and MIKRO-14X for the control of the LED clusters
The new controllers's family is intended for control of light-emitting diode clusters. Number of the output channels no more than 8 (MIKRO-81/81F) and 14 (MIKRO-14X). The controller allows to play a special movie consisting of separate frames. The length of the movie are limited to internal memory - about 100 frames.
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   05.06.2005   Super Flux SnapLED series L-77xx

The case of light-emitting diodes is equipped with special arms for fastening and simultaneously for heat sinking

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   05.06.2005   Super Flux LED lamps of new series L-76xx

In comparison with the predecessors of the L-7676 series, these light-emitting diodes possess the improved characteristics

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   10.05.2005   New Kingbright catalog is available
The new Kingbright 2005-2006 with 160 pages and a huge number of new products will be available in April 2005. This new catalogue will be also available in PDF format on our webiste shortly

   24.02.2005   We offer new range of 10mm SMD LED

  • size 10x10 mm
  • Up to 30cd at 0,35A operating current
  • Life time up to 100 000 hours
  • No heat sink requred
  • Colors currently available: Red and yellow
  • XPower blue and green option will be available in early 2005

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   08.11.2004   08.11.2004 Company " Fush " has made a sample of controller LLC32 for management of LED-clusters and has declarediness to start to manufacture of the given product.
Given device with connected LEDs based board was submitted at an exhibition " the Industry 2004 ", taking place in Riga from November, 3 till November, 6 this year, and has caused the big interest in representatives of advertising, show-windows and interior designers.
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   02.06.2004    Kingbright start to manufacture new 3mm(L-7110WYC) and 5mm(L-7113WYC) ultrabright yellow LEDs

   11.02.2004    Kingbright enhances their SMD LED range by offering another innovated package, the KPED-3820 series

Kingbright enhances their SMD LED range by offering another innovated package, the KPED-3820 series. Thanks to the new design of 60° horizontal viewing angle and a 35° vertical viewing angle, this new oval lens SMD LED emits extremely wide horizontal viewing light pattern entertaining applications, such as LCD backlight, that cannot be fulfilled by a SMD LEDs with single band of viewing angle among the major and minor axis. The crystal clear package of this 3,8mm x 2,0mm x 3,2mm package enhances the brightness of the latest AlInGaP and x-bright InGaN technology LED dies by reducing the loss of light to the surrounding at the minimum level. KPED-3820 series are available in various colours as well as Blue and White. This package is an ideal light source for backlighting, signalisation, indicators and automotive applications.

   10.02.2004    Kingbright is introducing the smallest, low cost, chip type blue SMD LED to the LED arena

This ultra thin & small 0402 design (1.0mm x 0.5mm x 0.5mm) comes with an GaN blue LED chip which provides the luxury of having blue indication in an application with a fraction of the cost of the tradition blue SMD LED. Kingbright is also extending this cost advantage in blue technology to all other SMD LEDs in our products line. Kingbright's newly introduced 0402 package is available in the full spectrum of color (from 430nm to 700nm) and brightness (from AlInGaP to InGaN technology) beside the low cost GaN option. Please do not miss this opportunity to enhance your product design by adding a low cost blue LED and contact us immediately for pricing and delivery information.

   03.02.2004    The thinnest and brightest SMD LED Dispay With enormous demand for compact size display worldwide

Kingbright has advanced the start-of-the-art designs and developed the new display technology, the thinnest and brightest SMD LED displays. The flat pad design with an inner connection eliminates the need of leads, which allows this unique leadless device for automatic pick & place and easy mounting on PCBA. This newly innovated SMD display eliminates manual inserting process to reduce time and decrease assembly cost associated with traditional manual insertion method The KP SMD displays, only 0.148 inches thickness, besides single digit, the dual, three and four digit numeric also available, there are character of 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.56 inches for choices, these KP SMD display series is ideally suitable for compact devices that require digital numerical display capabilities and excellent character appearance. Our huge color selection covers the full visible spectrum and ultra bright options including blue and white.

   03.02.2004    Kingbright has developed a new 3-colour LED in a 6-Pin DIP package

The so-called „Chameleon LED" is assembled with super-bright LED-chips and available as following version: KAF-5060PBESEEVGC: 470nm InGaN blue 621nm InGaAIP hyper-orange 520nm InGaN mega-green The single chips can be driven separately which allows to produce any colour in the visible spectrum, including white light. The LED-chips of the latest generation will supply the required high luminous intensity, a stable and long lifetime at a low poer consumption.