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FUSH Ltd. has been founded in 1993. and can be qualified as one of the first Latvian companies supplying electronic components to the Baltic market. As of today FUSH is taking the leading position in optoelectronic components supplies, lumilights and indicating devices for commercial use, advertising and information displaying systems.

Main customers are the companies doing with design and production of communication means, electronic equipment, automotive industry electronics and measuring devices. Followed by development of LED technologies there is increasing demand in the world market for hiperbright LEDs, which are widely used in design and advertising elements as well as in decorative lighthing in architecture and premises design.

In Company warehouse there are more than 1000 items and samples from main producers. Individual approach, flexible pricing policy, technical and informative support and assistance allows to keep longlasting relations with existing customers and aimed on market development and widening of customer base. Timely delivery and availability to plan warehouse nomenclature is based on stable and approved mutual relations. Company Website serves as a basic link between company and customers, where visitors can get technical support, assistance and updated warehouse information. Fush company has distributor agreements for Baltic market with such well known companies as: Kingbright Electronic Co. Ltd. (optoelectronic components), Bolymin Inc. (Liquid Chrystal indicators), Yellow Stone corp. (semiconductor based indicating means). Fush also provides marketing and supplies for FP-Electronics, doing with electromechanical indicating means.

In partnership with world leading distributors Fush Ltd. makes supplies of electronic components from INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS, ST MICROELECTRONICS, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, VISHAY, TYCO/AMP and more. From Year 1997 company is taking part in different regional and international exibitions and fares on regular basis thus expanding market share and rising turnover. For more than 10 Years Fush is on the electronic components market. In 1994. Fush got status of official distributor for Kingbright Electronic Co. Ltd. Fush Ltd. is offering whole range of products from Kingbright Electronic Co. Ltd. in the Baltic market. LEDs of different shape (standard, cylinder, square, rectangle, triangle) and lighting color incl. white and blue, hyperbright LEDs, surface mount LEDs, displays and matrix of different size and configuration.

Fush also supply IR emitting diodes, photodiodes, transistors, resistors