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    Illuminated advertising board with control device LLC32
Roof dynamic advertising board established in Germany, Frankfurt. The project is carried out together with the company " ATTISTIBAS PARTNERI " SIA. As static light elements LEDs 0,5W of white color of a luminescence are used, the dynamic light composition is executed with fragments of a flexible LED rope of dark blue color of a luminescence
    LED clusters based exterior advertising panel
Advertising panel with the typed field of LED clusters. Column commutation of the LED clusters allows to create various lighting effects Manufacturer: "SIA Reklamas attels" Panel size - 9x8m Number of the clusters - 10800 Controlling by columns As the control device the universal controller LLC32 is used. LED cluster by "Kingbright" consist the light-emitting device uniting in of 7 red bright LEDs
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    Kingbright's 20mm LED based design of the show-window of the gambilng club
Signboard of a show-window of gambling club. The design of signboard is manufactured with arch type elements which commutation creates a lot of lighting effects. The arch type elements of a design include 20mm LEDS with dark blue and orange colors of a luminescence. Used as the control device universal controller LLC32 with the module of expansion LLO32 allows to control of 128 channels
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    Exterior dynamic illuminated sighboard
Front design of the entrance of the gambling club. In a design light-emitting diodes of the various sizes and colors of a luminescence are used Universal controller LLC32 used as the control device with the module of expansion LLO32 allows to make control of 64 light-emitting elements simultaneously
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