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Flexible LED rope

   The flexible light-emitting diode rope contains a transparent basis with the various form and the sizes of section inside which light-emitting diodes settle down. The light-emitting diode rope easily bends, is not heated up, is steady against mechanical influences, water-racks and works trouble-free in a range of temperatures from -40C up to +60C), that allows to use it in external furnish for planimetric illumination of building constructions.

The given product can be connected directly to the power supply or through the controller - the device which sets dynamics of light (slow attenuation, a blinking, etc.). Light-emitting diode ropes have low energy consumption (at 15-20 time below in comparison with ropes on the basis of traditional lamps) and a high resource of work about 100000 hours.

Areas of use of a flexible light-emitting diode rope:

Ornament of buildings
Decorative lighting of ladders, handrail, niches, arches, vaults, show-windows and racks of a bar, stained-glass windows, bas-reliefs
Marks of passes, pathes, contours

Colors of a luminescence of flexible light-emitting diode ropes - white, dark blue, red, green, yellow, orange.

Besides flexible light-emitting diode ropes, company Fush SIA offers water-proof power supplies (12VDC, 10-75W), and also elements of fastening of the given product in two executions - an aluminium structure and the plastic channel with a sticky basis.